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We are a niche company that understand what´s going on in the IT market and have experience in the HR field to connect candidates and clients.

We know that working in a new country it's a challenge, so we understand how to support candidates and companies during the recruitment process.

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Hard to hire IT talents?
Tired of searching in the local market without relevant results?

We can find skilled developers for you. We search globally, so you can have what you need, and fast. We know that it´s hard to find skilled IT resources in your country, so we get this done for you.


We go further than the CV and it´s technical fit, considering soft skills and culture


We give you candidates in 3-5 days


It is time to go global. The local markets are limited.


If the candidate doesn't fit, we do a new process for free

No risk

You pay only when the candidate hired

How we do it?

Step 1

Define requirements for the position. Understand the stack of technology and skillset

Step 2

Candidates Search

Step 3

Candidates screening and test

Step 4

Share shortlist to the customer

Step 5

Recruitment process from your side and offer

Step 6

Candidate is hired

Step 1 to Step 5: Free!

Step 6: You pay.

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