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We are a niche company that understand what´s going on in the IT market and have experience in the HR field to connect candidates and clients.

We know that working in a new country it's a challenge, so we understand how to support candidates and companies during the recruitment process.

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We believe that every person deserves the best opportunities, and that companies deserve the best talent. That is why in SeekIT we strive to bring them together!

SeekIT is an IT staffing provider that helps you to hire great software engineers across Europe, with full back-office support

What We do


– we can find you relevant candidates everywhere quickly based on your needs, to work remote or in your office.


– we can ease your work when contracting remote employees across Europe. We can handle contracts, legal, payments, etc.

If you have any those questions,
we are here
to help!

Do you want someone
located in your office?

Do you want someone
to work remotely?

Do you need help
with relocation?

Do you want someone remote, but you don’t want (or don’t know) how to hire them and what steps to take?

Do you want to handle the bureaucracy related tasks regarding remote workers in other countries?

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Rocafort 256/258
Entlo. 4ª, 08029 Barcelona


Oosteinde 137, 2271
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Bogotá 34, 1405C
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Kyrylivska St, 69B, off 104
Kyiv, 04080