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We are a niche company that understand what´s going on in the IT market and have experience in the HR field to connect candidates and clients.

We know that working in a new country it's a challenge, so we understand how to support candidates and companies during the recruitment process.

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We believe that every person deserves the best opportunities, and that companies deserve the best talent. That´s why in SeekIT we strive to bring them together!

SeekIT is the IT recruitment company that helps you to hire great software engineers across Europe with full back-office support


We know about IT, and we are recruitment experts with 15+ years of experience


We look for skills in the best places. We have a lot of the cases with skilled talents from Latin America and Eastern Europe


We help our candidates even with the relocation process to fit our partner's requirements


Our recruitment team has a high KPI. As a result, you receive the first pool of candidates within 3-5 days

According to LinkedIn’s latest research, open positions in IT increasing by 11% every quarter. In 2022 Europe’s lack of resources in software engineering can reach 1 million employees.

We are able to find the ideal candidates for various highly specialized positions, conducting hundreds of interviews and revising thousands of resumes. As a result, our customers get talented specialists in different stacks and specializations.